Benny Hinn Divorce: Wife Suzanne Hinn Files For Divorce From Televangelist

For some reason, I had never heard of Benny Hinn until I read about him in the Other Sheep newsletter. Other Sheep is a world-wide ministry of glbt people who have been harmed by religious orthodoxy, in this case Christian fundamentalism. The truth is that Benny Hinn’s marriage was ruined when it got known that Hinn had sex with another man, and not just once I gather. Hinn is yet another example of the hypocrisy within the upper circles of Christian fundamentalism. In other words, these men will do anything to keep their reputations and bank accounts unblemished. Hinn makes Elmer Gantry look like an amateur, and like Gantry, he is subject to the same “temptations.” Most people would call him simply “human.” But in his case, it is an example of the usual Christian closet queenery cloaked as piety.
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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