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Keep “Seduction” in Your Pocket

April 15, 2013

Now you can keep Perry Brass’s “37 Sure-Fire Ways to be Seductive with a Man” in your pocket. Perfect 4-sided card sized format. Your pocket, your purse, your overnight bag. Send: a check for $3.00 to Belhue Press, 2501 Palisade Avenue, Suite A1, Bronx, NY 10463. You’ll get “37 Ways” + a coupon to buy “The Manly Art of Seduction” for only $12. Or, send us $13, and you get both. “37 Ways” is the perfect, affordable I-love-you present for anyone who’s always looking but having a hard time finding that important someone. Perry is the acknowledged authority on seduction, how it works, how it changes you and your life. You won’t be disappointed.